World Wildlife Day: Honey Bees (Primary Schoolers)

World Wildlife Day: Honey Bees (Primary Schoolers)

Wednesday 3 March 2021 4pm to 5pm

Join Holly for this engaging and interactive session that will stimulate all the senses. The bee incursion is tailored to provide age appropriate information and allow plenty of time for the children to guide the discussion and ask questions.  Holly brings in her observation hive so that the children can see a real honey bee colony in action.  A demonstration of beekeeping tools and suit is provided along with a childrens sized suit and veil for the children to try on.  Of course, you couldn’t learn about bees without tasting some honey too!

The themes of discussion are focused on what makes up a hive, the bee lifecycle and how the bees make honey. We also spend plenty of time talking about how the bees help our environment, why they are so important in our food systems and sustainability and how to respond and behave around bees in our natural play spaces.

All workshops, events and classes are delivered in a Covid safe manner.

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